5 Ways to Avoid Dry Chapped Skin in Autumn

Sep 27, 2022

There is something magical about Fall. As I write this in the beautiful state of Vermont in late September, we will be enjoying peak fall colors in a few weeks. A gorgeous time of year around here!

While each season can make your skin dry and chapped because of various reasons, as we get into the colder months, dry skin becomes more and more of a problem. Of course, Winter will subject your skin with the most dry skin but Fall is not to be underestimated. You need to take care of your skin with a great quality moisturizing cream or lotion. Of course, that’s not all and here are some more things you can do this Fall to keep your skin soft and healthy:

Moisturize Every Day

As already mentioned, daily moisturizing with a great quality moisturizing cream or lotion is the number one thing you need to do. That’s an every day thing to do. Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion has been a fantastic and popular moisturizing product for over 90 years. It was first developed to help treat the cracked and chapped hands of men working in the foundries and marble shops in Vermont, it’s been formulated ever since.

It’s best to moisturize at least twice a day. However, try to keep your skin moisturized every day. As time goes by and the weather gets colder and dryer, you may need to moisturize even more!

Avoid Irritants

As the weather gets colder and dryer, household irritants will have a more drastic effect on your skin. This is especially true if you already suffer from conditions like dermatitis or eczema. Try to avoid soaps and laundry detergents containing things like alcohol, fragrances or antibacterial ingredients. Instead, choose mild, unscented cleaners. Even better, use mild soaps that already contain moisturizers. While not as potent a moisturizing product as dedicated moisturizing creams or lotions, soaps containing moisturizers can serve as an additional benefit.

Shorten Your Showers

Time spent in a warm shower may feel great after a cool day or evening, a prolonged time spent under a warm or hot shower can dry your skin. If possible, try to limit your time under a hot shower to about 5 to 10 minutes. And after a hot shower is a great time to apply a moisturizing cream or lotion.

Use a Humidifier

As the temperatures start getting cooler and dry air becomes a problem with dry chapped skin. Setting up and running a humidifier indoors with your skin and even helps improve the quality of your sleep.

Treat Yourself to a Hydrafacial

If your skin is extra dry, consider booking a dermatological treatment to help with your dry skin. It’s a great way to rejuvenate, exfoliate and re-hydrate skin on your face. This treatment uses medical-grade products to remove impurities, clear out pores and clear off dead skin cells. A strong moisturizer is then applied to refresh and re-hydrate your skin.

Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion

As already stated, Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion was developed over 90 years ago and formulated ever since. We have customers coming back again and again for more. Keep in mind, while we have customers from all over the country, most of our customers live in the Northeast and know how to deal with dry chapped skin. Buy some today from this website and give it a try!