Being Thankful This Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2021

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. A time to celebrate with those you care about all the things to be thankful for. And besides the usual things we all normally give thanks for, I’d like to add one more:

It’s not 2020 any more!

This will probably be the first time in two years we will all be able to get together as a group in person. While we all still need to make sure everyone we care about remain safe and healthy, at least we can do so together. That’s one of the best things to be thankful for.

While keeping safe and healthy, you may have noticed something while making sure your hands get washed (at least 20 seconds, remember?) whenever you get home, and especially as the weather gets colder and dryer this time of year. I bet your skin has become a lot more dry and chapped than normal. Not just your hands but the rest of your body as well.

While it’s normal for your skin to get dryer this time of year, this is especially true with all the hand washing we do. The oils on the surface of your skin get stripped away, leading to rough, dry and chapped skin.

So, it’s especially important that a regular routine of applying a good quality moisturizing skin cream or lotion be maintained. Regularly applying moisturizing skin cream to affected dry skin areas can re-introduce moisture and create a protective barrier to further reduce moisture loss. Along with applying a good moisturizing skin cream, remember that when you do wash yourself, always pat your skin dry…don’t rub the water off your body. Patting prevents beneficial skin oils from being rubbed off.

A great moisturizing cream produce we offer is Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion. We’ve been producing and selling this great performing moisturizing product for over 80 years. Now, that’s a long time so you know it’s popular! Just pour some in the palm of your hands and rub it all over the affected dry skin. It goes on smooth and feels great!

So, it’s easy to take care of your skin as the weather gets dryer. Our lotion comes in 4-ounce, 8-ounce or 16-ounce sizes so there is a size for any budget or need. Stop into the store any time or feel free to order some from our website. You’ll be glad you did!