Labor Day 2022

Sep 1, 2022

Traditionally observed on the first Monday in September, Labor Day pays tribute to the achievements and contributions of all American workers. Normally, most people will enjoy a three day weekend and hopefully enjoy time with friends and family.

For many American workers, a hard day’s work involves physically using their hands and feet to help get the job done. Whether it’s heavy weight lifting or nimble craftsmanship (or both), men and women’s skin can take a beating throughout a typical workday. So, at the end of a busy day, all you hard workers need to take good care of your rough and overworked limbs. After all, they’re an important…actually, far more important…part of your tool collection. So, great care needs to be given to your hands and feet.

Using a high quality moisturizing cream or lotion is your first step. Our Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion is a great and important part of your daily ritual to keep your hands and feet’s skin healthy. Just pour some in your hands and spread it liberally on your skin. We’ve been formulating this moisturizing lotion for over 90 years and it’s been a popular product for all that time.

After using a good moisturizing cream or lotion, keeping your skin clean is a must. But, it’s important to avoid using traditional soap which can be extremely drying on your skin. Stay away from soaps that contain fragrances, preservatives and sulfates. Also, stay away from foaming and antibacterial formulations that are prone to removing oils from skin.

While away from the house, avoid using hand dryers such as the ones in public rest rooms. The heat and low moisture of the drying air blast has a dehydrating effect on skin.

Exfoliate whenever possible. While we normally think of exfoliating on one’s face, don’t forget your hands and feet.

While on the job, you’re probably used to wearing work gloves. That’s a good thing. Not only do work gloves protect you from physical injury, they can help protect the skin from the drying elements of the work environment. Work gloves also protect you from skin irritants that can dry or otherwise damage skin.

Finally, try to avoid over-washing of your skin. As the pandemic wanes and we come to a more normal lifestyle, we can avoid having to wash our hands every time we come into the house. Of course, washing of hands may not be avoidable, depending on the work environment. But, just remember that if you do need to wash often, a great skin moisturizing cream or lotion becomes an important addition to your routine.

For moisturizing of your hands of feet, please try our Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion, available here. We’ve been a very popular moisturizing lotion for over 90 years. As for this weekend, please have an enjoyable time with friends and family…that’s important, too!