Why Moisturizing With Hand Cream is So Important for Your Skin

Oct 21, 2021

Your skin is more than a simple covering for your body, it’s the largest organ you have. It’s the part of you that comes most in contact with the outside world. Your skin protects you from the elements, helps nerve endings warn you of dangers in the environment and at times even serves to communicate your moods. A well cared-for skin will broadcast a healthy mind and body. It’s no wonder so many people spend so much time and effort in making their skin look and feel good!

At the heart of skin health efforts are skin cream and lotions. A routine application of skin cream goes a long way to make and keep skin looking young and healthy.

Some of the more evident places of apparent ageing are the skin on your face and hands. Compared with skin on, for instance, the palms of your hands which is relatively thick, the skin on the top of your hands is thinner, just like your face and can become dry quicker. Exposure to varying air temperatures, contact with water, which actually has a drying effect on skin, chemicals and more will not do your skin any favors. And dry, cracked skin affects men as much as women of all ages.

This is why a good skin cream or lotion is so important for your skin’s health. Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion is a fantastic treatment for dry and cracked skin. It was first developed by Fred Beauchamp over 80 years ago and it’s been a popular hand lotion ever since. Today, Travis Beauchamp, 4th generation, still compounds our famous Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion from Fred’s original formula.

Just pour a little in the palm of your hands and rub it into the skin as needed. It’s non-greasy and feels great. If you haven’t done so yet, try some today. We’re confident you’ll be back for more!

Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion can be purchased here.